Emergency Ride Home Program

You can rest assured as you use transit, carpool, vanpool, or walk to work that your employer and will be there for you in an emergency. Our Emergency Ride Home program provides employees from participating employers with a free taxi ride in the case of an emergency.

We pay 75% of the taxi fare for qualified rides and the employer pays the remaining 25%. Employers are required to sign a participation agreement before their employees can use the program. Historically, program costs remain very low because emergencies are infrequent. can help your business or organization design easy administration policies that prevent program abuse.

Employees should check with their HR department or Employee Benefits coordinator to find out if they are eligible for the program and to receive a trip voucher (required for all Emergency Ride Home trips).

Authorized Taxi Vendors

Northern San Mateo County
Serra Yellow Cab - 650-991-2345 or 650-991-3881
Peninsula Yellow Cab Co - 650-588-2131

Central San Mateo County and Coastside
San Mateo/Burlingame Yellow Cab - 650-342-1234
Nafis Town Car Service - 650-372-0609

Southern San Mateo County
Yellow Cab Co. Peninsula - 650-254-1234
Yellow Cab Bay City - 650-669-0101