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Building an Employee Commute Program

Assisting employees with their commutes has become an increasingly important issue for organizations. Addressing this issue in a meaningful way is critical to employee recruitment and retention. While a robust commuter program can help your employees and your bottom line, it can also make a significant impact on environmental sustainability and overall quality of life in the Bay Area.

Commute.org is here to help employers develop commuter programs to encourage employees to make smart transportation choices: carpooling; vanpooling; taking a bus, train, shuttle or ferry; biking; and walking.
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Benefits of an Employee Commute Program

  • Improve recruitment & retention
  • Happier, less stressed employees
  • Productivity goes up and absenteeism goes down
  • Reduce your organization's carbon footprint

Determine Your Goals and Strategies

Your Commute.org Programs Representative can help determine the best strategies, services and programs to implement to achieve your goals, such as: improving recruitment and retention, reducing parking congestion, helping the environment and complying with regulations.

In general, Commute.org recommends:

  • Adopting as many programs and services as possible to give employees choices when considering their commute alternatives.
  • Focusing programs primarily on those that eliminate the need for a car at work, and discourage single-occupant vehicle commuting.
  • Cross-promoting programs and services with eco-friendly messages.
  • Complying with all mandates required by law, such as the Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program.

Implement Your Employee Commute Program

Commute programs and services vary in their time and financial commitments, so start where appropriate for your organization and build from there. The key to success is making sure your employees know and understand the programs available to them, but the more options available, the better.

The easiest and most affordable way to start an employee commute program is to promote the existing public transportation close to your worksite. Commute.org can provide you a tabletop stand of brochures and schedules - free of charge - for your reception desk or break room. Request yours today.

Every business has unique commuter transportation needs, so to select the best programs for you, begin with a complimentary commute analysis with your Commute.org Programs Representative. Your Representative can help determine the best ways to boost your commuter program - often by implementing free or low-cost solutions.

Wherever you are in the process of building your Employee Commute Program, contact Commute.org for assistance. We're here for you!