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Ready to get out of traffic?
Then the Commute.org free shuttle service is just the ticket for you! Our conveniently scheduled shuttles carry commuters in comfort from BART and Caltrain to within easy walking distance of many San Mateo County employers. This program provides big benefits for both commuters and the companies they work for.

  • Improve recruitment and retention rates
  • Reduce the need for parking
  • Access a larger employee base
  • Improve employee access to transit
  • Enhance community relations
  • Freedom from traffic jams
  • A more relaxing, enjoyable trip to work
  • Lower cost of getting to work
  • Free TRY TRANSIT offer

At Commute.org, we focus on promoting easy-to-implement, no-to-low-cost programs, including:

  • FREE Transit Tickets
  • Emergency Ride Home Program
  • Carpool and Vanpool Incentive Programs
  • Bike Parking at Half Cost
  • Employer/Public Shuttle Program
  • Bike and Pedestrian Safety Programs

If we currently do not have a program that suits your needs, we will work closely with you to customize a solution for you and your employees. Call us for a free consultation at (650) 588-8170.

FREE Transit Tickets

The Official Try Transit Program provides FREE transit tickets to anyone who is interested in trying ONE of the following to get to work: BART, Caltrain, SamTrans, or SF Bay Ferry.

Benefits for EMPLOYERS

EMPLOYERS can use this free program administered by Commute.org to beef up new hire packets.

Learn how to offer FREE transit tickets to your employees

COMMUTERS can order free tickets through this program to see how transit can improve their commute.

Learn how you can receive FREE transit tickets


Emergency Ride Home

You can rest assured as you carpool, vanpool, bus, bike, or walk to work that your employer and Commute.org will be there for you in an emergency. Our Emergency Ride Home program provides employees with a free taxi ride or a 24-hour car rental in the case of an emergency.

We pay 75% for the taxi ride or rental car. The participating employer pays the remaining 25%. Historically, program costs remain very low because emergencies are infrequent. Commute.org can help you design easy administration policies that prevent program abuse. Click here for the Emergency Ride Home brochure.

Still have questions? Comments? Want to join?

Rebates for new vanpool participants

Do your employees complain about a long commute? Vanpools save money and stress and we will pay your employees to try it! EMPLOYERS You will discover how Commute.org vanpool program can help you reduce parking congestion while increasing recruitment and retention rates.

Let Commute.org do all the work while you take the credit for providing your employees with a way to alleviate the stress and expense of commuting by car.

Vanpool advantages for EMPLOYERS
Vanpool advantages for EMPLOYEES
  • Reduced parking congestion
  • Improved employee recruitment and retention
  • Effective employee recruitment from a larger geographic area
  • Improved employee morale and productivity
  • Reduced the financial, mental, and physical stress associated with long commutes
  • $500 paid for the first 6 months of driving
  • Rebates of half of vanpool costs for the first 3 months of riding (up to $100 a month)
  • Commute costs shared with 7-15 other people

What is a vanpool anyway?
Click here for driver/rider reimbursement form - Get your FREE MONEY here!
Need a vanpool Partner?Click here

Carpool Incentives Program
You Pool, We Pay!

If your employees are currently driving alone, and are commuting to, from or through San Mateo County, they are encouraged to try carpooling.

Commute by carpool and we'll buy the gas.

Let Commute.org do the work. If your employees form a new carpool with two or more people over the age of 18, or add a new member to an existing car pool, carpool participants will each receive a $60 gas card incentive.

Click here for Carpool Incentive Reimbursement Form

Additional Carpool Programs Available

Carpool to College program: Earn a $20 gas card incentive for carpooling to college, a minimum of 2 days per week, during a consecutive 4 week period.
Click here for College Carpool Reimbursement Form.pdf

School Pool program: Earn a $25 gas card incentive for transporting at least 2 children from 2 different households to one school, a minimum of 2 days per week.
Click here for School Pool Reimbursement Form.pdf

Each carpool member is eligible for this one time offer.

Need a carpool Partner?511.org RideMatch Tool for Bay Area Commuters
To find out how the ridematch tool works, click here.

Carpool Advantages for EMPLOYERS
Carpool Advantages for EMPLOYEES
  • No cost program for employers
  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Alleviate employee stress and expense
  • Improve employee morale
  • Use as a recruitment and retention tool
  • Receive $60 gas card incentive per passenger for two months of carpooling with two other people
  • Enjoy traveling companions to and from work
  • Commute costs shared with other passengers
  • Utilize HOV Lanes with 3 or more passengers
  • Reduce commute time and stress associated with commute
  • Receive $60 gas card incentive per person for your standard carpool


Bicycle Parking at Half Cost
Encourage your employees to ride their bikes to work by providing secure bicycle parking. Quality bicycle parking encourages bicycle commuting, inexpensively increases the parking capacity of a building, and reduces the demand for costly automobile parking spaces.

We pay half the cost of your new bicycle racks and lockers (up to $500 per unit).

Benefits for EMPLOYERS
Benefits for COMMUTERS

Still have questions? Comments? Want to join?

Develop a Shuttle Program
Commute.org currently provides shuttle services from BART or Caltrain to a multitude of worksites in San Mateo County.
Have a Shuttle?
Need a Shuttle?
Commute.org can help with:
  • Shuttle Marketing
  • Increasing Ridership
  • Consortium Building
  • Shuttle Funding
  • Shuttle Route Optimization
Commute.org can help with
  • Joining an Existing Shuttle Consortium
  • Starting Your Own Shuttle
  • Finding Shuttle Funding
  • Route Planning
  • Shuttle Management


Find me an existing Shuttle

The Bike and Pedestrian Safety Program
Give your employees a FREE ONE-HOUR bike and pedestrian safety workshop at your jobsite. Just call Commute.org with a time and place. We will do the rest!
A biking/walking program will help you:
  • Alleviate summer parking
  • Upgrade your company commuter benefits package and teach employees how to use biking/walking as a transit extension.
  • Improve workplace safety
  • Enhance community relations
You will learn about:
  • Bicycling and walking as a safe, stress-relieving commute mode
  • Traffic laws for bicyclists, pedestrians
  • Bicycle maintenance tips
  • Drawings for free bicycle-related prizes


Safe Bicycling in
San Mateo County (updated in 2014)

Contains the following chapters:
FINAL SBSM-2014-WEB Front Cover
  • 1. Fitting & Equipping your Bike
  • 2. Quick Maintenance Check
  • 3. Where to Park Your Bike
  • 4. All About Bike Helmets
  • 5. Traffic Basics
  • 6. Lane Positions, Turning & Passing
  • 7. Trouble Situations
  • 8. Transit and Hills
  • 9. Riding at Night & in Bad Weather
  • 10.Bicyclists' Resources


Bicicleteando con Seguridad en el Condado de San Mateo

Spanish Bike Safety Brochure
  • 1. Ajustando y equipando su bicicleta
  • 2. Chequeo Rapido de mantenimiento
  • 3. Donde estacionar su bicicleta
  • 4. Todo acerca del casco para ciclistas
  • 5. Elementos basicos de trafico
  • 6. Posiciones en el carril, dar vuelta y rebasar en bicicleta
  • 7. Situacioned de conflicto
  • 8. Transporte y Subidas
  • 9. Bicicleteando en la noche y en mal tiempo
  • 10. Recursos disponibles para ciclistas