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On Bike to Work Day, Energizer Stations will be set up throughout the Bay Area to encourage bicyclists to ride. An Energizer Station is a small booth set up along the roadway of major bicycle routes. Most Energizer Stations provide refreshments and other goodies to encourage cyclists biking to work that day.  Bicyclists who stop by these stations can receive a free re-usable Bike to Work Day bag full of bike related materials. We're currently working on finalizing Energizer Station locations. Check back soon for the 2013 list of Energizer Stations. 


BIKE COMMUTER OF THE YEAR  San Mateo County's winner is - Brandon Tyler

bcoy winner 2013 photo

Brandon Tyler works for the City of Belmont. Brandon is passionate about bicycling, whether at work or in his personal life. He commutes to/from work every day via bicycle (rain or shine), approximately 25 miles, round trip. He is a true bicycle enthusiast who in addition to commuting to work on his bicycle, also rides for fun, at least 40 miles each day on the weekends. Brandon trains daily and is a member of the Pen/Velo Bicycle Club. He also takes his son, Cameron bike riding as well. In fact he just won a race this past weekend at the Sea Otter Classic 2013 at the Mazda Raceway in Monterey!

He also has encouraged three other City employees-- two supervisors and a coworker(Tim, Rick and Sam to start riding their bikes in the past month). As a result, two additional employees--Tim and Sam have been bicycling to work on average about three days a week. That's less vehicle traffic on our streets; less air pollution helping the environment; economically better--less gas; helps in team building--socially rewarding; and great exercise (consistent with the County and City's effort on improving employee and community wellness)!

Brandon's commitment to this effort has a direct positive effect on the community. He definitely epitomizes and actualizes the health, environmental, social and economic benefits of bicylcling.

For the past few years, Brandon has graciously helped the City of Belmont along with our friends from the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition at the annual Bike to Work Day Energizer Station at the Belmont CalTrain Station. He joined some City folks and SVBC representatives to greet bicyclists, offer refreshments and giveaways; Brandon's usual role was to count the many bicyclists who came by the energizer station.



CLICK HERE to download the current BTWD poster for San Mateo County.

For additional poster from other counties, CLICK HERE.



Over 200 Energizer Stations will be located in various areas in all nine Bay Area counties, providing beverages, snacks and encouragement to bicyclists on May 9th.  Over 30 of these Energizer Stations will be located here, in San Mateo County. 

For a map of the Energizer Stations lcoated in San Mateo County, click here.
For a map of Energizer Stations located in other counties, click here.