Employer eNews December 2019

Valuable information for San Mateo County employers (click here to view online). In this issue:

  • Get Compliant for 2020!
  • Best Workplaces for Commuters - deadline 12/31
  • Holiday Shuttle Schedules

Carpool 2.0 Rewards Program

Carpoolers can receive up to $100 in e-gift cards and get to choose from over 70 retailers and charities for carpooling in San Mateo County! When carpool trips are tracked through the STAR Commute Tracker app or by connecting a Scoop or Waze Carpool account to a STAR account to auto-track carpool trips, commuters can unlock rewards.

For every 10 carpool days tracked, commuters can claim a $25 e-gift card reward, up to $100. All rewards are subject to verification and there is a limit of four rewards ($100) per person. Click here for program details and restrictions.

Guaranteed Ride Home Program

Commute.org has a new program for green commuters! If you walk, bike, take transit, ride a shuttle, or carpool/vanpool to work in San Mateo County, you’re eligible for up to 4 reimbursed Guaranteed Rides Home (GRH) each calendar year. Think of it as your green commute insurance.

The GRH program covers an emergency trip home from work in case of:

  • Personal or family Illness/Emergency
  • Eldercare or daycare emergency
  • Bicycle theft or breakdown
  • Inclement weather (for walkers/bicyclists)
  • Carpool partner emergency resulting in loss of ride home

When you encounter an emergency on a day that you use a green commute to work, simply use a taxi, Lyft/Uber, or transit service to get home, and then request a reimbursement through Commute.org’s STAR platform.  

For complete rules and limitations click here. If you have any questions about the program, reach out to Commute.org via email at support@commute.org.

Become a Commute STAR at my.commute.org!

1. Register or login at my.commute.org
2. Use the trip planner to discover your commute options.
3. Go to your dashboard and log your trips for a chance to win prizes.