"Try Transit" Program


Interested in trying transit?

If you live or work in San Mateo County, or if your commute takes you through San Mateo County, you could be eligible for free tickets to try  SamTrans, Caltrain, or San Francisco Bay Ferry. To qualify, you must be over 18 years old and cannot have participated in the Try Transit program in the past.

Simply complete the order form below and we’ll send you free tickets from the transit agency of your choice (subject to availability and qualification):

Public transit is a great option for commuters. When you use public transportation you can:

  • Save thousands of dollars a year in auto expenses (gas, insurance, maintenance, tolls, etc.)
  • Work or relax during your commute and reduce your stress
  • Use the new found time to read, talk with friends, or get some work done
  • Get to work and get home on time regardless of the weather and freeway traffic
  • Help reduce pollution and overcrowded roads
  • Use pre-tax dollars to pay for your public transportation expenses

*Please note that this offer is for one Try Transit request, per person, one-time only while tickets are available.