So. San Francisco-Utah-Grand Area Ferry Shuttle

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So. San Francisco Utah-Grand Ferry

3/19/20: Ferry Service Currently Suspended

Due to SF Bay Ferry's decision to suspend service to/from South San Francisco, the Utah-Grand Ferry shuttle will be suspended until further notice.

Route Description

Station: So. San Francisco  Terminal (SF Bay Ferry)
This shuttle serves the San Francisco Bay Ferry that runs between Oakland/Alameda and the South San Francisco Ferry Terminal. The shuttle  provides first/last mile service to ferry passengers traveling to the Utah-Grand area office buildings during commute hours, Monday through Friday. Shuttle passes are not required to present prior to boarding this shuttle at this time and is currently free for riders.

This shuttle is FREE for all passengers and is open to the general public.

For service specific information about this shuttle service, please contact the Shuttle Department Staff at (650) 588-1600 or send an email to the Shuttle Department with questions or comments.

Participating Employers:

• Alexandria Properties
• Genentech Inc.
• Merck
• Nippon Express USA Inc.
• Portola Pharmaceuticals
• Principia Biopharma
• San Francisco Baking Institute
• San Pacific International Inc.
• SSF Conference Center
• Sutro Biopharma Inc.
• Torani

Supported with Operating Grants from:
• San Mateo County Transportation Authority
• Water Emergency Transportation Authority

Shuttle Service Holidays
This route will not be in operation on the following holidays:

• New Year's Day
• Martin Luther King Jr. Day
•  Presidents' Day
• Memorial Day
• Independence Day
• Labor Day
• Thanksgiving Day
•  Day After Thanksgiving
• Christmas Eve
• Christmas Day
In addition to the days listed above, Caltrain may operate limited service on Columbus Day and Veterans Day. On those days, this managed shuttle route will operate on its regular scheduled times.

Route Maps

Map SSF UG Ferry 061919web



Call Shuttle Team @ 650-588-1600 with questions

Shuttle Stop Descriptions

Utah/Grand Area Ferry Shuttle Stops

At the sidewalk, right outside of the terminal (Alliance shuttle stop signs)
In the Parking Lot, near the Wind/Rain Shelter
169 Harbor Way
In the Parking Lot in front of Building 169
230 E. Grand Avenue
On E. Grand at East side of driveway
Kimball & E. Grand Avenue
On corner of Kimball/E. Grand (SE corner on Kimball)
390 Swift Avenue
On Corner of Swift and Haskins
400/450 E. Jamie Ct
In the parking lot between buildings 400 and 450
475 E. Grand Ave.(Building 42)
At the circle area near the front of 475 E. Grand Ave. (building 42)
On Cabot in front of previous infolmage building
On Littlefield on the SouthWest corner at Littlefield/Lawrence
SSF Conference Center
In Front of the SSF Conference Center (near Doorway)

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