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To support employers'  transportation demand management efforts, Commute.org offers funds to cover the cost of implementing  certain trip reduction programs.  See below for more information about the reimbursements Commute.org provides.

"Free Commutes" Grant for Scoop's Managed Carpool Program 

Employers in San Mateo County who sign up for Scoop's Managed Carpool Program and offer the "Free Commutes" to employees can apply for a reimbursement of up to $10,000 to cover the cost. Please refer to the   draft application for  grant terms and conditions. If you have any questions while we finalize the application, please contact   support@commute.org.

"Free Commutes"  application  (draft)

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Bicycle Parking Reimbursement Program

Commute.org will reimburse the cost of purchasing and installing bicycle parking units (racks and lockers) publicly accessible in San Mateo County. Any private business, public agency, or  nonprofit is eligible to apply. Prior to requesting reimbursement, please refer to the   program guidelines and procedure . Contact incentives@commute.org  with any questions.

bicycle parking reimbursemet application

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