Ensure Safer Commute all

General Tips

  Maintain 6 ft. social distancing
  Wear a face covering when out in public
  Use hand sanitizer immediately after commuting
  Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds when arriving at work or home
  Avoid touching your face while you're commuting
  If you are sick or have been in contact with someone who is sick, avoid shared commute modes

Biking & Walking

  Plan your route in advance with Commute.org's STAR platform
  Practice social distancing on paths and trails
•  Avoid touching public surfaces
•  Be prepared - bring appropriate weather gear and sanitizing products
  Wear a face mask in case you unexpectedly need to take transit or another shared commute mode
  Consider using a backpack or waterproof on-bike pack to carry your things more easily


  Communicate regularly with your team
  Keep a routine and establish regular work hours to maintain a work/home balance
•  Stay active - stand up, stretch, or go for a walk throughout the day
•  Stay adaptable - be kind to yourself and others during times of change
  Check in with your employer about getting proper equipment (monitors, chairs, etc.) to make your work-from-home environment more sustainable long-term

Carpool & Vanpool

  Reduce the size of your carpool  to 1 driver and 1 rider to leave more space between seats
  Maintain appropriate physical distancing when entering and exiting the vehicle
•  Avoid touching surfaces as much as possible
•  All "poolers" should wear a mask while commuting
•   Keep the window next to you closed and the one across from you open, and turn off the air recirculation  to improve ventilation

  Try to ride with the same people each day and avoid introducing new riders
  Create digital message boards to coordinate carpooling and vanpooling with coworkers 
  Review our toolkit for carpooling during COVID-19

Public Transit

  Pay attention to signage the agency  has posted
•  Maintain physical distancing on-board and while waiting to enter/exit
  Try to skip a row between yourself and others
  Use or obtain a Clipper Card for touchless payment

•  Be flexible - you may need to take a later bus or train to comply with social distancing
  Take transit outside of peak hours, if possible


  Plan your route in advance on STAR
•  Wear a face mask to protect yourself and others in passing
  Use hand sanitizer or wipes to disinfect the scooter or bike prior to use, then disinfect it  when you're done
  Avoid touching surfaces - use touchless payment options if available

Click here for  a downloadable version of our  Guide to Ensure a Safe Commute!

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