Travel Tips for the U.S. 101 Deck Replacement Project

July 7-28, 2020

The Project

Alemany Aerial

Next summer, Caltrans will demolish and rebuild a segment of the deck of Highway 101 at Alemany Circle, just north of the interchange with I-280. Traffic will be severely impacted in both directions. Expect speed reductions, lane reductions, and rerouting of all traffic onto city streets. For more details, click here.


How to Prepare

Although this project isn't until Summer 2020, there are some things you can start doing now to prepare for when it hits.

    • If you're planning to take a summer vacation, consider choosing dates that overlap with the deck replacement. Even if you don't take the 101 to get to and from work, chances are your commute will be impacted by 101 commuters taking alternative routes to work.
    • WORK FROM HOME map plus traffic small
    • Use's telework toolkit to explore telework as an option with your employer. If you can't leave the Bay, the next best thing is to  avoid the commute altogether.
    • Adjust your work hours during this time to avoid peak commuter hours.
    • Start researching your public transit options now. You can test out your trip with's   FREE transit ticket program. Maybe you'll discover options you didn't know existed and decide to stick with them all year round! There may also be expanded transit service during the project period, including extra BART cars and ferry boats.
    • If none of the other options work for you, carpooling is a great alternative. Talk to your co-workers to find options to commute together. You can also use Scoop and Waze Carpool apps, which make it convenient to find matches, and will reward you up to $100 for using either of those apps for carpooling.

We will continue to update this page as plans are solidified.

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